Sources of Conflicts in Engaged Learning | Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg

This video presents three possible sources of conflict that may arise in Engaged Learning initiatives, using the in:takt project in Magdeburg as an example. These are a) The evaluation of the projectb) Boundary crossings of departments with different logicsc) Social engagement as interference in political struggles. Video created and presented by Alexander Chmelka.

Managing Expectations | University of Turku

“Housing Estates in the 2020s” was a research-based but practice-oriented urban studies course arranged at the University of Turku in autumn 2021. The students worked in small multi-disciplinary groups to carry out a small study analysing either one or both of the two predefined housing estates, Runosmäki and Uittamo in Turku. Before that, they had … Continue reading Managing Expectations | University of Turku